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Life at Gazebo

A Day at Gazebo

Often, we are asked:  What is a typical day for a resident in your community?  This is such a good question, and one that is very helpful in deciding if a community is the right fit for you or your loved one.


  • Caregivers start making rounds to check in with residents, assist with wake up, dressing, getting ready for the day. 

  • Breakfast starts at 7:30. Meals are a made-to-order in our dining room! 

  • Mid-morning will often be a time for residents to partake in one of our exercise classes, go for a walk, relax in the dining room chatting or reading the paper.


  • Lunch is at noon; orders are taken at the table from our daily menu.  Menus include numerous options daily, from main entrees, a homemade soup each day, salad and sandwich options.

  • After lunch we offer a schedule of activities that vary each day throughout the afternoon.  Residents can also go on outings, take walks, relax in their rooms, visit with family or fellow residents.



  • Dinner is at 5 pm, orders are taken at the table from our daily menu.  Menus include numerous options daily, from main entrees, a homemade soup each day, and salad and sandwich options.

  • After dinner is relaxation time - a time for residents to spend with visiting family, listening to music, or watching TV in their rooms.  


Throughout the day our nurses and caregivers are assisting residents with daily activities and medications as well as personal care if needed.

Family and friends are always welcome to visit and spend time in our community, we can arrange for family to join meals and for family events and gatherings.

Dining Experience

At Gazebo Senior Living, we appreciate how important good food and quality ingredients are to happiness and well-being! Residents enjoy home cooked meals with a menu that changes daily. You can choose from a variety of options: breakfast is made-to-order, and lunch and dinner offer different entree options each day. We have a licensed dietician who can consult with residents and their families for special dietary needs. Our dietician will work in partnership with our nursing staff and their primary care doctor.


View sample menu here.

Residents enjoy their meals in our bright and pleasant dining room. We view mealtimes as an opportunity for residents to relax and socialize - as well as receive good nutrition!

Activities Calendar

Our team focuses on giving residents the opportunity to enjoy life. We carefully curate a monthly activities calendar filled with a variety of options to keep your loved one with a social life as busy as yours!

Senior Living Activities 09.2023.jpg

If you would like to know more about life at Gazebo or schedule a tour, feel free contact us at:

(802) 863-2386

For more information about Gazebo Senior Living explore our website
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